Biophotonics across Energy, Space and Time
BEST Faculty


Vasan Venugopalan, ScD
Laser micromanipulation and light transport in cells and tissues.


Michelle Khine, PhD
Microfluidics and photonics for cellular analysis and biosensing.

Arthur Lander, PhD
Mathematical, computational and systems biology of development.

Jennifer Prescher, PhD
Molecular imaging and chemical biology.

Bruce Tromberg, PhD
Optical diagnosis, imaging and spectroscopy of cells and tissue.

Faculty Participant

Michael Berns, PhD
Laser micromanipulation of cells and tissues.

Elliot Botvinick, PhD
Optical trapping and mechanobiology.

Michael Cahalan, PhD
Nonlinear optical imaging of cellular processes in immunology.

Zhongping Chen, PhD
Optical coherence tomography, microelectromechanical systems.

Bernard Choi, PhD
In vivo wide-field optical imaging methods.

Anthony Durkin, PhD
Quantitative optical spectroscopy and functional imaging of tissues.

Ron Frostig, PhD
Optical imaging for the study of neuroplasticity.

Steve George, MD, PhD
Cardiopulmonary systems, wound healing, tissue engineering.

Enrico Gratton, PhD
Fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy of cells and tissues.

Steven Gross, PhD
Optical trapping, molecular motors, intracellular transport.

Gultekin Gulsen, PhD
Optical and magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy.

Young Jik Kwon, PhD
Nanobiotechnology for drug delivery and optical imaging.

Ian Parker, PhD
Nonlinear optical imaging of cellular processes in immunology.

Eric Potma, PhD
Quantitative multimodal nonlinear microscopy of cells and tissues.

Hongkai Zhao, PhD
Radiative transport, inverse problems, optical tomography.